What we do

The Mt St Joseph property has been the ‘hearth place’ of the Whanganui Sisters of Saint Joseph.

It accommodates

  • A small community of Sisters
  • An Administration Centre
  • Te Punanga o Hohepa Josephite Retreat Centre

Another facility on the same property is Tukunga Korero, the Tony Winstone Archives and Heritage Centre.

These Archives feature the history of the Whanganui Sisters of Saint Joseph of Nazareth up to the time of fusion with the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart in 2013.  Current records are held with the NZ Archives of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart at Mission Bay, Auckland.

An associated ministry of the Sisters, situated in the city is Te Puna Hohopia, Josophia Cottage Craft.  This was set up in 1998 to provide outlets for the Sisters’ crafts, and to supply funds to be used for Women and Families in need.  It continues to raise funds, nowadays mainly through the supply of liturgical candles for parishes and schools throughout NZ.

The Mt St Joseph site, on a hillside promontory, has a patch of old bush to the south, and on the other steep hillsides a replanting process has been undertaken.  This is in conjunction with the reclaiming of the original wetlands Te Punanga / the Spring, leading to the stream, Tangingorongoro, a tributary of the Whanganui Awa/River.  These projects over many years have been assisted by local government agencies, service clubs, schools, Sisters and friends.  The lower slopes of the hillside are planted with a variety of fruit and nut trees.